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So I'm off to Ibiza in a week, and have decided to veer wildy away from my usual fragrance MO by taking just one fragrance, and I've decided that for once I want something fruity, tropical, coconut-centric, even sweet - something beachy and sunkissed. (My usual rotation is full of dry citrus, spice, cedar, vetiver, lavender, incense, smoke and dryness).

Having practically broken the search function, I've come up with the following as options:

Creed Virgin Island Water

Tommy Bahama Set Sail St Barts

BBWorks Coconut Lime Verbena

Marc Jacobs Men

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess (oil or skinscent)

as well as a number of niche frags that I don't have access to before I depart.

VIW - I sampled it and it is lovely, if a touch too limey - but the price is simply ludicrous for how close to the skin it stays on me, not to mention its limited use outside of being on holiday (vacation).

Set Sail St Barts - I had such high hopes for this that I was willing to break my rule about blind buying (especially given it's low price), alas only one website will ship it to the UK and not in time for my trip.

Coconut Lime Verbena - Not available in the UK.

Marc Jacobs Men - Really like the fig/coconut topnotes, but I found (as seems to be common with this) that after about 40 minutes it had completely disappeared without a trace. Still slightly tempted to just massively over-apply it, but i'd like to not have to worry about it dissapearing on me, especially if I'm out clubbing until 5am!

Bronze Goddess - completely sold out everywhere, too expensive (60+ with shipping) to blind buy.

So what about JLo Miami Glow - can a man pull this off? From reading about it, it looks to have the notes I'm looking for and reportedly good sillage/longevity. (I've no issue with wearing female-marketed scents, but obviously there are limitations to the crossover - I've never veered beyond Tabac Blond or the occasional spritz of Mitsouko).

Any other suggestions?