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My initial impressions of New York Amber and Blue Amber were somewhat positive and I decided to explore the note. I found a few "best amber" threads and purchased (14) samples based off of recommendations.

The standout winners from my sampling were Ambre Russe (Parfum d'Empire), Ambra Nera (Farmacia SS Annunziata), Black Amber (Agonist) and Ambre Precieux (Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier). Honorable mention to Ambre Topkapi (MDCI) and Ambrarem (HdP) for just being different.

Those initial impressions have now changed a LOT as I have revisited both the Bond and the Montale and realize how harsh and chemical-y they smell when compared to (what I perceive as) much higher quality compositions. I would honestly rate them both at the bottom of the samples I tried.

My question would be this: have you smelled a fragrance and thought it was good but then revisited it later only to think "what the hell did I like about this in the first place"? If so, what was the scent you initially liked and what scent(s) opened your eyes?