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Hi there,


5 months ago, I ordered a Black Tourmaline from Luckyscents, 

then the package arrived, a Black Tourmaline came in its fabric pouch,

no doubt, I tried it and ended up not liking it because the dominant minty,

I barely wear this scent, just 2-3 times, and decanted some to share to others,

some are members here.



What is this scent?



Today, I've wore it again, and have been worrying about its colour, it's not the same as I'm seeing 

on Fragrantica, mine is quite green, dark green not black, and look at the note of Black Tourmaline,

it couldn't be minty at all, I've been trying so hard to find the name 'Black Tourmaline' on the

bottle or its pouch, but nothing.


So, if anyone have Black Tourmaline, could you please let me know should am I still worry about this.


Thank you everyone.