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Just received this in my rather small 72 bottle July haul laugh.gif

I love Kouros. Probably the best fragrance ever made, Creed Orange Spice clone done to perfection - in such a way that they took Orange Spice and added the Druid secret ingredients, and VOILÀ made a masterpiece 11/10 grin.gif

Then I saw this juice for sale for 24 for a 100 ml bottle: Kouros Summer Eau de Toilette Tonique

What the heck, yet another boring flanker and a Tonique with Summer in the name huh.gif

Surprise surprise - this juice is SOLID !

Scent: You get a dry lemon in the opening, but with the aldehyde in the background.
The geranium keeps the scent light and fresh, but you then start to get the base of leather and patchouli soon after. All in all a highly complex composition. This is a design summer Tonique fragrance with niche level quality.

Longevity: 8-10 hours

Projection: 1-2 hours, then sits close to the skin

I rate this fragrance in my personal Top 5 complex well made lighter summer fragrances.
A unique Tonique fragrance.

Highly recommended - even for Kouros haters, as the civet in this is tamed down to almost nothing.

Rating: 9/10 - niche level designer juice for next to nothing (24 for 100 ml)
A hidden gem !