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My journey into the land of fragrance began because I had a well loved honey scent that I had purchased from MAC a few years ago.  Alas, as is the case with most of MAC's offerings, it was limited.


It is called Naked Honey.  I've been a little afraid to use it for fear I'd never find another scent that came anywhere close.  So it has sat quietly, a bit sprayed on once every other month or so, but always with trepidation as to whether the occasion merited it's use.


Finally, I realized that the world was at my fingertips and I could easily learn if any other such scents were in existance.


And so I arrived here at Basenotes, where much to my surprise, there are a host of luscious honey scents to be explored.


I read and read and finally settled on trying Ginestets Botrytis, Serge Lutens Chergui and finally, SL Miel de Bois.  I obtained samples of each and now I'd like to share my findings.


Ginestet Botrytis smells of plum wine to me.  It's super sweet and smooth and I feel like I must taste delicious when wearing it.  It lasts a good long while as well, but definitely mellows quite a bit after a few hours.  I find a rum undertone.


SL Chergui I ended buying to layer with the Botrytis, though it works well on it's own as well.  But I felt like the Chergui allows Botrytis to grow up a bit.  Botrytis by itself, though I love it, seems to make me feel like a girl somehow.  But Chergui is strong, it reminds of campfire at the same time as it has sweet vanilla notes. I also get a strong tobacco note.


Now, Miel de Bois is a controversial scent, so I really wasn't sure what to expect.  That was likely a good thing as I could allow it to just be what it is. My first whiff was not entirely thrilled with the scent, but since I'd read such intriguing reviews, I decided to just put it on my skin even though I wasn't in love at first sniff.  I'm glad I did!  It actually has a lot of similarity to Naked Honey.  It's a deeper scent than Botrytis, which feels airy to me (heavy at the same time, but not so much deep).  It evokes the honeycomb with just a touch of the honey left behind to add a hint of sweet.  But I wouldn't call this a sweet scent exactly.  As time went by, I have to admit that I almost felt like there was sweat in there, just a hint of BO.  But somehow, it was still appealing.  In the end, I feel like this is a super sexy, raunchy type of scent.  


My first comparison is now complete!  Thank you for bearing with my amateur thoughts on the matter.