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I purchased Creed Aventus several days ago from the Creed Boutique Online, and today I put some on for the very first time. I sprayed myself about 6 times. I was in the living room, and my mom walked past my room. She then walks toward me in the living room, and she says, "I was just outside your room, and I can smell the cologne you sprayed." I thought to myself that the fragrance was really strong if that was the case, and I became self-conscious of over-spraying.

I went to work (I work at a museum), worried that I'm going to suffocate my co-workers or the museum patrons with Aventus, but nobody said anything to me.

I still love the scent, but it's not as potent as people make out to be. Since it receives tons of hype, I was expecting at least someone to mention if I was wearing cologne. I don't really care, though. I'm going to still wear it regardless if anyone notices it because I love the way it smells.