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What are your "love at first sniff" fragrances that you had to have, you bought it, and now wish you hadn't? In fact, you dislike it so much that you don't even want it next to your other fragrances.....ok, maybe you don't hate it that much, but  you probably would never wear it again.


I think mine is Histoires Moulin Rouge 1889. I remember smelling the fragrance at The Scent Bar in Los Angeles from one of their glass funnel-shaped sniffer things. WOW! I loved it. Then, I sprayed a little on my wrist and enjoyed it all day long back at the office.


I knew I had to have it. I even ordered the bottle from the Moulin Rouge in Paris. After a few full wearings, there's just something about the notes that really tests my gag reflex. If I have it on when I go to bed, I wake up during the night and I usually have to go wash it off. I really don't like it anymore. Don't get me wrong. It's a high quality fantastic scent for what it is. It's just something that I wish I had never acquired.


However, I did split the 120ml bottle with a friend. So, I'm only out around $80. He loves it, but my wife and kids dislike it immensely. Maybe I'll just give him my 58ml that I have left over.

Or, perhaps spray it in my garden to keep the insects away. lolk.gif