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It's a turd, if you read nothing else in this review that really does suffice. It smells like a cacophony of cheap aerosol deodourants and fermented fruit. It's vile, cheap and doesn't even rise to the level of a deodourant body spray. It starts with a tropical fruit blast combined with a generic smelling cedar and inexpensive musk. It dries down to a sickeningly inexpensive smelling EDT, like something out of an Axe spray can.

What's surprising is that it purports to be a flanker of a truly excellent fragrance, Zirh Ikon. It has, unfortunately, none of that fragrances charm, they've removed the wonderful frankincense note and replaced it with a cheap musk, cedar and badly done apple, pear and lavender notes.

If you're a bottle afficianado, the juice isn't the only place they cheaped out on, the actual bottle is clear and long gone is the magnetic cap of the original Zirh Ikon.

You'll see this atrocity hitting your local TJ Maxx or Winners hard, avoid it like the plague that it is. I hope this doesn't make a change of direction for Zirh into cheap men's cosmetics. Stick to the original Ikon and Courderoy, this stuff is crap, Zirh needs to go back to whatever it was doing when it released the original Ikon and Courderoy, this marks a rather troubling descent for a frag house with some decent recent releases.