Sample of the Day - August 2013

    Sample of the Day - August 2013  

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    Ajmal Musc Gazelle - an experience ;)

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    Hi Ipp! That is a tantalizing comment...are you going to fill us in? I am very curious (off to google that in a second).

    I sampledEau ProfondebyThirdman.Fragrantica says: itis a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for women and men. This atmospheric eau de cologne features ambergris, neroli, bergamot, lime, orange and woodsy notes for depth.

    Profonde means"deep, heavy, sound, thorough, inward, profound, inner, acute"according to a translator.

    It opens with lime and orange juice, which fades to orange zest. I think the zest part is the neroli and amber? It's very light, and you'd probably have to use more than my small sample to get the full effect. Nice, but not earth-shattering.

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    Hi Redhorse! It's really awfully strong, and I do wear some of the tamer ouds on occasion!

    Possibly one for the braver boys, but I like to understand what people are talking about and it was sent by another member, so I'm very grateful.

    Yours sounds fun!

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    I looked up previous reviews of your sample, Ipp. are brave! But, like you least now you know what everyone is talking about.shocked.gif

    I expected my sample to be "meh" which is why I hadn't tried it yet, but it is actually nice...I can still smell it as "papery citrus" in the crook of my elbow 5 hours into it, which is good for an 'eau'. I wouldn't mind smelling this on a guy (it's unisex, though).

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    Haha, Redhorse - the dogs nearly knocked me over trying to sniff it when I put it on!

    And it did mellow down after a bit and is quite nice eventually, even if not something that I'd want to buy.

    But it is something that people use and was also used as an ingredient in the past, I think, so education continues!

    Yours is doing well for a citrus - it's citrus weather here!

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    Aftelier oud lubin extrait on the left, solid on the right. It's a great one.
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    Montale Blue Amber.

    My sample doesn't have a sprayer, and I... uhm... kind of overdid it. I've NEVER had that happen with dab samples before!!! Not even an Amouage dab! Not even Knize Ten! ...but oof... I'm regretting my evening with Blue Amber. Too much of a good thing turned into one big yuck. Eventually, I had to wash it off, but of course it didn't really come off. Interestingly, what remained after a scrub turned out to be the perfect amount. Holy cow, that stuff has oomph!
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    Tom Ford Sahara Noir. I have samples this before, and this is such a great scent.
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    Ambre Fetiche by Annick Goutal, the opening of which was a little harsh to me, but the leathery incense was nice and the vanilla is not over-sweet..

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    Dahlia Noir by Givenchy.

    Translucent red berry (berry candies) over mentholated foot powder. Definitely not noir.

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    HIM by Hanae Mori
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    Penhaligons Endymion. I'm liking it so far. Very smooth.
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    Amouage Fate Woman - reminds me of something that I can't quite remember from way back, although yellow flowers have never been my favourites.

    Early days.

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    Chanel Sycomore from a sample.

    Sycomorewas created by Jacques Polge in 2008, and is part of the Les Exclusifs collection. It includes notes of vetiver, cypress, juniper, pink pepper, smoke and burning woods.

    Sycomore opens up as a slightly rubbery vetiver, but the rubber is gone even before it is really noticed, leaving behind a vetiver with none of the rootiness and a fragrance that glows on the skin. The best way I can put it is that it seems like vetiver incense. It is a favorite over on the mens' side also, and I can see why. It doesn't seem either male or female, just beautiful.

    I read some reviews, and there are a lot of comments about earthiness and woodiness and smoke. I don't get that unless that is what I am describing as it having an incense feel.

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    Oh thank you redhorse- Might be worth checking out for me. Is the longevity decent ?
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    Hi Mimi!

    The longevity was around 6 hours for me. Good, and not a "must wash to remove it." It fades slowly to a skin scent after about 4 hours. I think it is fairly close-wearing also. Not a projection beast. But I have only tried it once.

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    Thanks Redhorse- I'll get around to trying it out. It's one of the LE that I ignored the moment I heard' vetiver' ..not that its bad but I was carried away by the others.

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    The only LE that I have tried other than Sycomore was Bois des Iles last year some time. That one unfortunately had about 5 minutes life for me :( Which one is your favorite of the ones you've tried?

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    Redhorse- it's true Bois des Isles in EDT is pretty weak .20 mins tops on skin but better on clothes .

    However the opposite is true for BdI extrait- sweet, dusty ,and very long lasting stuff . very unisex .Two or three drops is all that is needed.

    My favorites keep changing but I have a very soft spot for the equally fleeting Gardenia in EDT and extrait,No .22- fab stuff ( however, I have gone off it somewhat- probably overdosed myself one time too often ... ) , Bel Respiro ,No 18 . , BdI , Cuir de Russie.

    Coromandel - I must re test. Anything that is loosely related to Angel is a 'hell ,no' for me.

    Surprisingly - 31 Rue Cambon - after initially loving it, I wore a good sized sample and it just didn't speak to me at all .

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