Possibly the best and weirdly offensive

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    8/2/13 at 8:19am

    MrSniffer said:

    listing on ebay.  I was searching colognes for some YSL M7 and this came up, the item description was priceless.



    8/2/13 at 8:23am

    hednic said:

    Strange listing.

    8/2/13 at 8:23am

    hednic said:

    Strange listing.

    8/2/13 at 8:26am

    drseid said:

    It was completely offensive... and ridiculous.

    8/2/13 at 8:31am

    sjg3839 said:


    8/2/13 at 8:35am

    Ken_Russell said:

    Plus the fact that M7 is, at least in my opinion, by far (in a positive sense of the word) not the most offensive, controversial, strange or polarizing fragrance. While not being a generic crowd pleaser either, always perceived this as a fragrance with enough individuality to stand out and impress without offending, yet without blending in either. 

    8/2/13 at 12:59pm

    L'Homme Blanc Individuel said:

    Body odor deodorant? Did I read that right? Oh no. No. Nonononononononononoooooo... Ewww.