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Hey all, I recently finished a bottle and am close to finishing another so thought I might add something new to my collection.

I was looking primarily for something more towards the spring/summer months since the majority of my collection is leaning toward thicker, heavier darker scents. I've got a handful of warm weather full bottle fragrances.

Many of you know my tastes since I've been on basenotes for a couple years now and find myself with a couple of options here.

I have the opportunity to buy a 50 ml decant of Aventus for $65, tax free since it's a meet up. I'm not a Creed fan primarily but I enjoy Aventus and see it as a workhorse for the remainder of the summer and for the months ahead since it's not just for warm weather. Or I could grab a bottle of a Serge Lutens (Chergui or 5 o'clock) off fragrance net since they have a the 15% off deal right now and just use my sea of samples for the summer. I've got plenty of samples for the warmer months and can use those up.

Thoughts ?