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Hello Fellow FragHeadsvrolijk_1.gif

I have a rather annoying huge problem, and I hope you can help me with

I can get a good offer on one Creed and one Bond - but the thing is, I currently only have 12 Creeds and 12 Bond's in my collection and I'm a bit supersticious.....13 is not my lucky numbershocked.gif

So should I get 2 Creeds or 2 Bonds instead of one of each and then for a while have 13 of both brands in my collection - not sure I would like to have 13 of not 1 but 2 brands in my collectionlaugh.gif

I know you all can the see the size of my problem and that you will offer me serious great advice.

We have starwing humans in Africa and poor people all over the world, people living on the streets in the US - but I still feel my 13 bottle fragrance issue is a problem worth dealing with on a fragrance forumtekst-toppie.gif

So what to do - please vote in my poll !

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