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I really like how Domain de Canton liqueur smells when you open the bottle - that blast of ginger is just intoxicating. I joked around that if it was more concentrated, I'd use it as a cologne.

Are there any fragrances you can think of that may have ginger as the predominant note? Preferably with some woods and/or vetiver in the base, rather than florals.

I have no idea if this smells anything like Domain de Canton, but I came across (by accident) something called "Amazing" by Bill Blass. The female bottle is even reminiscent of Canton, the male version is black. I did a little research and the female version sounds like a no - yellow florals, but the male version sounds like it has a strong ginger note. Has anyone tried this one? It seems to be a cheapie, too, but that may be for a reason.

Any other good quality ginger based fragrances I should give a try?