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1oz $165, 2.5oz $275, 4oz $330 (Creed Boutique prices)

This is an example used for Millesime Imperial

Argument 1:

Buying a 2.5oz bottle saves you$55 an ounce compared to the 1oz bottle.

Buying a 4oz bottle saves you $27.50 an ounce compared to the 2.5oz bottle and is HALF the priceper ouncethan the 1oz bottle.

Argument 2:

I can spend less money right up front and have the 1oz bottle that will last me "x" amount of time and when it's getting low I can prepare to save up for another 1oz bottle (spending the least amount of money at one time) PLUS I will get a BRAND NEW FRESH BOTTLE EACH TIME! So no worry for shelf life.

Which argument wins? Is it worth it to save big on your bottle over a period of a couple years but risking shelf life? Not based on bottle appearance, if you HAD TO BUY AT THESE PRICES, which argument are you siding with?