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Im looking to replace my finished TdH EDT, which I have enjoyed. Feedback appreciated from both ladies and gents!

Here are other frags that I've enjoyed/ enjoy in no order (ones that have a star next to them are ones I've never actually owned before):

Armani Eau Pour Homme / Bvlgari Pour Homme/ Jaipur Homme*/ Azzaro Pour Homme / DK Men (Fuel for Men) / DK Unleaded / Dior Fahrenheit/ Dior Homme Intense / Joop Nightflight / Spazio Krizia Uomo / Tom Ford Grey Vetiver*/ Carolina Herrera for Men* / Chanel Egoiste*/ YSL Opium Pour Homme/ Guerlain Habit Rouge*

FYI - my current collection is slender (I like to have 2 or 3 max on the go at any one time). Right now I have my all time favourite DK Men Original, Azzaro Pour Homme and DK Unleaded (which is for sale or trade - PM if interested).

So, what would you suggest? Doesn't have to be anything I've mentioned though (but it can), and doesn't have to resemble TdH either. Just want something with sophistication and refinement but that can be versatile if worn intelligently. Also non mainstream would be a plus!


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