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I'm not one to show off my fragrance but if I can't smell it when I spray it on my neck, then it's rather disappointing (especially considering my gf is not that big of a fragrance fan). I wear the fragrances for myself but if I can't smell it after a short while, it's a huge waste of money for the bottle to just sit there in my collection.

It also seems like it's fading from my skin after an hour or so. It's rather disappointing considering the great reviews and how much I liked the cypress on initial spray and how it transitioned to a warm vanilla smell.
It's like a super watered down Tobacco Vanille just less spicy at dry down

Granted this scent (I hope) will thrive more in colder weather due to the warmth. If it doesn't, this will be my first fail blind buy.

Btw, I bought the bottle from l'occitane so def not a fake or diluted.