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"A new edition directly inspired by the refined leather interiors of  GT cars: contoured seats clad in supple, delicately textured leather, whose flawless grain and saddle-stitching testify to Ferrari’s absolute attention to detail. Luxury, elegance and sensuality - all these are captured in Ferrari Leather Essence."



Top: Bergamot, Clove buds, Bitter orange
Heart: Cinnamon bark, Tonka bean, Dark leather accord
Base: Patchouli, Guaiac wood, Black vanilla buds, Cedarwood

Perfumer: Symrise


A new leather is always interesting but this one sounds sweet, with patchouli, tonka and vanilla. I don't mind sweet but I'd want a prominent leather note to come through. I hope one of you will test & report back smiley.gif


The bottle looks great with the leather details.

I don't think I've tried any scents from Ferrari, how's the quality of their fragrances?