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Like many of you, I'm sure that I have a ton of variables for what to wear that day such as what I may be doing, what people I might be with, how long I want the scent to last, or my mood. Which single variable effects what you wear that day the most?

Mine has to be the weather. I will admit that I am very anal about how my fragrance may relate to outside conditions (even if I'll be inside most of the day). Some examples would be that I can't wear something like Burberry London unless it's cool and brisk outside, that I tend to wear GIT if the forecast calls for rain, and that I have scents that I'll consider "too fruity" if its not hot as hell outside. I seem to have a specific scent for every condition and certain combination of hot/humid, hot/dry, hot/rainy, cool/rainy, sunny/cold, overcast/cold etc.

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