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Hello all - I've been lurking and reading this great forum for some time now, but finally decided to make an account to get your advice on a problem I came across today. I'll try to explain this situation is simple as possible.

A couple months ago I bought 2 BNIB 4.2oz bottles of cologne from a Perfumania brick and mortar store. They were John Varvatos original and John Varvatos Artisan Black. Everything seemed fine with the packaging, etc. However, about a month ago, I noticed that the Artisan Black seemed way underfilled. You can't see through the bottle to see how much juice is in it, but you CAN tilt the bottle sideways to see wherethe juice is at the clear part of the bottle neck right below the sprayer. It's also the same bottle as the John Varvatos original bottle - I compared the two by tilting them right next to each other at the same angle, therefore the juice should be at or near the same level. The Artisan Black should actually be a lot higher since I've used the Varvatos original about 25 times and the Artisan Black only 3-5 times. However, the Artisan Black is MUCH MUCH lower, I'm guessing it's missing at least an ounce out of the 4.2, maybe more. For the past month I've tried not to think much of it, chalking it up to bad luck due to evaporationbecause ofbad storage by Perfumania. Even still, every time I looked at the bottle I got a bad feeling associated with itlike I was ripped off. Today, during a trip to Ulta, I was convinced that I was sold a used bottle - a new Artisan Black bottle comes with a metal chain/tag around the neck, but mine never had that anywhere in the box (which I still have).

I went in toPerfumania to explain my situation. Themanager seemed somewhat sympathetic, but didn't know if there was anything they could do. He said he'd talk to his boss and call me back. I made it clear that I don't want a refund or anything extra, only what I paid for. To be honest, I don't even really LIKE the fragrance (which is why I've only used it so few times), but I hate the feeling of not getting what I paid for and want them to make this right based on principle alone. Do you guys have any suggestions or advice on how I can handle the situation if they call back and say there's nothing they can do? I was thinking at worst I could offerbring in my bottle and they could fill it to the appropriate level with their tester?

Thanks in advance for reading and any advice you give, apologies for the long first post!


*** ATTN: MODS - I know thismight bein the wrong forum, but it gets the most traffic so I would greatly appreciate if you could leave it here until I get some advice/get the problem resolved... thanks!