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I'm not very adventurous when it comes to perfumes and I certainly don't want to cause offense to others with my scents. Some time ago I found AGM and thought I found the ultimate scent for me. I like the classic vibe, the high quality of ingredients and the complexity of it's composition. In fact, I deem this very wearable and inoffensive due to its neutral soapiness. In the last few months since I wear this on a regular basis, I never had so much as a single negative comment and my wife and daughter never commented about it being too offensive or too loud (I only use one spray). All the more was I surprised when I read all these comments here and on other forums about it being quite a sillage monster, offensive, unwearable for men, only for special occasions scent and became somewhat unsure about it. Do other simply bear it without comments out of courtesy and wrinkle they're noses when I turn my back on them or is it possible that these comments where related to an older formula (I heard it has been reformulated) or did they simply use too much of it?

I even made tests: I put a spray on one of my suits and put it in the locker in my office. When I reopened it it was there all right, but not really strong and certainly not in an offensive way. Then I asked my 20 years old daughter to wear one spray on an evening dinner part where she sat next to me (I was wearing somethig else that night to prevent olfactory fatigue) and I only smelled it when I got very close to her.

So what do you guys think. Shall I continue to wear it without second thoughts and confidence and don't care what others may thing or shall I switch to Gendarme (which I also happend to like btw).