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I'm starting to become paranoid of the fact that Basenotes might be affecting my analysis of perfumes. When I sampled Dior Homme Intense and Pure Malt, I immediately delighted in them, and I haughtily dismissed Gucci Guilty Black and Polo Black. This line of thinking seemed to fall in line with fellow basenoters, but when I wore them around friends, male and female, who didn't know/care about perfumes, they universally liked Polo Black, and other less praised stuff like AdG and Lacoste. Are Basenoters out of touch with what other people like? Is it like craft beer, where the enlightened beer drinkers enjoy Dogfish and Karbach, while the rest of the world prefers Bud Light? Or perhaps is my age different from most basenoters, and as such, my peers have different preferences (I'm 22.) Thanks!