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If we haven't even smelled Musc Ravageur, and are going with this according to the votes or what others say, can anyone say what Meharees smells like?

I'm real interested in getting this fragrance, though a blind buy is a hefty risk, and wanted to muster up some opinions. Can anyone describe what Meharees smells like (almost exactly) if you can?

Also, for what kind of occasion would you recommend this? And weather conditions? In describing the smell, is there any other mainstream fragrance that you think draws a sharp similarity with Meharees? And if anyone can say what precisely this smells like (vanilla, gourmand, sweet) that would be great - above all, is this a fragrance that is CLOYING and you would expect to smell "one night only" on someone, or is wearing this consistently okay?

If we have never smelled MR before, but to those who have, would you pick this over MR? Also, must ask: overall would you pick Meharees over DH Intense (newest version, though haven't smelled this or Meharees even) for night'ing, clubs, work, etc? Opinions are really appreciated! Thanks