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Oil Fiction - Juliet has a Gun

Anyone try it yet?

Giving it a full wearing.

It's very intense.

It's more of an attar than an edp.

It's intensity has left me speechless. I'm trying to get my head around its composition.

There's something very strong in it.

Imagine one of those typical feminine powerhouses of the late 80s early 90s but on steroids.

I am very overwhelmed & feels challenging to break it down by notes. I think it's blended seamlessly.

I think Oil Fiction is a play on the word Olfaction.

Top Note

Essence of Calabria Bergamot 4

Heart Note

Amber Blend Absolu 26
Absolu Ylang Ylang 5
Essence of Patchouli 7
Iris Concrete 5
Absolu Iris 15
Absolu Tubéreuse 6
Labdanum 4
Papyrus oil 3
Essence of Saffron heart 10

Base Note

Ambroxan 2
Natural Madagascar Vanilla Absolu 5
Essence of Sandal Wood 8