newbie needs help! floral green perfume

    newbie needs help! floral green perfume

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    hey everyone,


    i am newbie here and i jumped straight to the niche perfume scenes and own quite a few perfumes now :


    Agua Magnoliana by Fueguia 1833

    - decou vert by laboratorio olfattivo

    - rosamunda by laboratorio olfattivo

    - dangerous liasons by kilian

    - forbidden games by kilian

    - water calligraphy by kilian

    - flowers of immortality by killian 

    - china white by nasamatto

    - rose barbare by guerlain 

    - silk mood by maison francis kurkdijan

    - tubereuse nuit by artisan parfemeur

    - chasse papillon extreme by artisan parfumeur 

    - creed fleurs de teh bulgare 


    my dream perfume is a mix of creed's fleurs de bulgare teh, white flowers and the pure white cologne but its too expensive.


    does anyone have something that is along those lines without having to fork out thousands of dollars?


    i like it to be white florals, rose, magnolia, with greens or tea. very subtle, fresh and light. 


    thank u! 

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    Perhaps Eugenie by Rance 1795
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    Gucci Envy would certainly fill the role.

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    How about Chanel's No.19 ? The greenness of galbanum and vetivert and the florals of rose, iris, lily of the valley and jasmine.
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    thanks guys - im trying to avoid the citrus or sweet fruit smell as i have too much of them. i just want a very organic clean discreet white floral with rose and nature scent

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    Passage d'Enfer is very soft and discreet.
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    Clean, discreet, white floral & rose - how about White Linen? It`s not niche, but damn good. A niche take on this is Tauer`s Noontide which is underrated but great to me.

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    Jour d'Hermes!

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    Originally Posted by colourblind View Post
    a very organic clean discreet white floral with rose and nature scent

    and this is precisely No. 19 to me. Hiris by Hermès is very natural too - no rose but well, classy stuff.

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    Seconding the No. 19 range- including various concentrations of it. Possibly also Voyage d'Hermes- the floral is only minimal here, but the green and citrus notes are perfectly balanced.  

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    L'eau du Trente-Quatre by Diptype.


    Clean and green floral,

    although for me it's green in the sense of a slightly green peach.





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    As others have said, No 19 and Cristalle come to mind. Very green, not citrusy. Also Jacomo Silences, not easy to find, but not expensive when found. My favorite is Paco Rabanne Metal, which has sadly been discontinued. But it can be found for reasonable prices on ebay.



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    Hi, try Aqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile and Ormond Jayne Frangipani

    both are light pretty white florals with a little bit of green. To pair this type of fragrance with rose

    I would try some subtle layering.

    Further come to mind Hermes Osmanthe Yunnan (light floral tea),

    Rose Ikebana (light fresh rose), Bulgari Eau Parfumee au The Blanc, and even Chanel Eau Premiere, No 22 (very bright) and No18 (clean rose).

    Good luck

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    Welcome ! 

    Can I suggest Magnolia Romana by Eau d'Italie ? 

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    I found this citrus green perfume from The Diferent Company

    Limon de Cordoza Notes
    Bitter orange, mandarin zest, mint leaves, neroli, freesia, patchouli, vetiver, guaiac wood


    For some reason I thought you might like to try Nuit de Jasmine, also The Different Co. it's a modern floral.


    You might like Estée Lauder- Azurée. Still beautiful after all these years. Only about $40.

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    Have seen a lot about jayne osmond here. Are they really that good? Those samples are really expensive though
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    Welcome, colourblind!

    Do you mean Ormond Jayne?

    If so, I have no idea personally,  although you could enter the name in the site search at the top right hand side of the page and check out some of the reviews until someone with some info. replies.

    Good luck!

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