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Open sky

This is the launch of Episode 8, Season 1 of the Untitled Series.

I'll say two thing about this work: One, this was done by a spectacular olfactory artist. I amfiercelyopposed,adamantlyopposed, as most of you know, to the idiotic reductionism of works of olfactory art to their raw materials. In this case, the raw material makes up part of the title of this work. It does it in the way that Whistler's "Nocturnein Black and Gold," a very famous, stunning, beautiful painting, uses black and gold and those are the raw materials in the painter'spalette--visual artists--but nobody would say "oh, they dominate everything." It depends on style and how you use them, how Whistler used them; it's extraordinary and very specific, and absolutely beautiful in this case. I would say that this work, Episode 8, is really a Nocturne in this raw material.

And the second thing I want to say about this is that we actually spray this on our bed before we go to sleep at night. It's not the bed that's relevant, it's night and sleep. It's absolutely extraordinary and it's a wonderful, wonderful work. I think it's beautiful in a very traditionalist, classical sense. I hope you enjoy it.

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