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I’m so totally convinced by S01E09 on every single level I actually thought my saying to you in the E09 launch “I don’t think there’s any better built work of olfactory art in existence” was a dead giveaway.

That’s dumb, of course. There are hundreds of olfactory works that are aesthetic and technical and structural masterpieces. (And a lot that are only one of these, which is still very good.) (And a hell of a lot that are none.) But this thing knocks it out of every park, from persistence to performance, and even does something more. It does the impossible. 

The artist is Céline Ellena, an extraordinary talent, and the work is Sel de Vetiver. (With permission from The Different Company collection.) Working in the school of Conceptual Realism, Ellena has taken an object, salt—Sel de Vetiver means vetiver salt—and created a breathtaking, mesmerizing olfactory portrait of it. This is impossible for the simple reason that salt has no smell. Yet we accept Ellena’s work of art immediately, we embrace it, as a Realist portrait of something that is unreal.

This is what great art does—forces on us an expansion of the world as dictated by the artist. In this case it’s an expansion of an object into a dimension (a human sense) in which it doesn’t actually exist. But it exists ingeniously in this bottle. 

Sel de Vetiver. If you’ve never owned a full bottle buy the small Untitled bottle and live with this thing, and it will extend your artistic horizons.