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Just a few days ago, I went on a trip to Cedar Point with a friend. (BTW, my username MFfan310 is derived from the Cedar Point roller coaster Millennium Force and its 310-foot height.)

The first day I was there, the temperatures were in the low 80s, I was wearing Terre d'Hermes parfum, and my friend was wearing 24 Gold (which I got for him as a birthday gift as he's a Jack Bauer addict). The second day, we both wore nothing. Some fragrances that I could smell on "the Point" overpoweres what we wore.Both days, I could detect people wearing Le Male, 1 Million, and various aquatics.But more than anything else, it was the actual smells of Cedar Point's many foods that permeated the park. Pizza from the oven, burgers on the grill, fresh-cut fries, and hot fudge sundaes overpowered everything but the asphalt tar. And because of the food smells and asphalt tar, I've found that A*Men blends in best with Cedar Point.

Cedar Point doesn't sell fragrances, but it does sell candles made on premises... several of them were in Axeand Bath & Body Works-duplicate scents and one was an Angel dupe. And the soap in our hotel (the Hotel Breakers, on Cedar Point property) had a pleasant citrus smell similar to, but not identical to Mugler Cologne.

By contrast, a month earlier, I made a visit to Cedar Point's sister park Canada's Wonderland when I was in Toronto to visit friends. More rain than sillage and not too many food smells, either. But I did love Leviathan to pieces.

Still, when it comes to fragrances and amusement parks, nothing beats Disney parks. A visit to Walt Disney World that we both made a year earlier had Givenchy and Guerlain boutiques at Epcot (and I'm still hitting myself in the head for not buying LIDGE there). On the other side of the land, Disneyland has a perfume boutique in New Orleans Square and a full-fledged Sephora in the Downtown Disney area. And Disney toiletries are all H2O+ products. I've also been to Universal Orlando; you'll find your fair share of super-innovative rides there, and their tickets cost less than Disney, but there are zero frags to be found.

Are there any smells you associate with amusement parks, fragrances or otherwise?