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Hello friends,

Ive been on a long hunt for pre-formulated fragrances in their original formulations, searched high

and low, had some luck but nothing spectacular like some of you'll here.

So the main reasons for reformulation are ingredient restriction by the IFRA & Poor sales/need to

cut down on operating costs, use lower grade of synthetics in the formula.

The reason I thought of making this thread, was that it could be used as a reference.

Now hear me out :

Only big perfume houses/Niche houses target world markets, hence they have to maybe get registered

with the IFRA etc so their formulas can be monitored.

But what about the traditional attars ?

Are'nt some of them considered to use better grade of synthetics compared to even niche houses ?

So many of them are knockoff's of designer scents, so is'nt it possible, that for every scent that is

released, there is an attar counterpart, also a shop near where I stay, there's an old guy, who you have

to make him smell the scent you want, and he creates an attar of it !

Never really tried it though.

Now they dont have restrictions regarding oakmoss, civet, etc, I mean, whose going to monitor them ?

Wouldnt there be attars in the market with these ingredients ?

Now this has to be a combined effort, each of us who has access to an attar shop, should go there and start

sniffing ASAP !

I know it sucks most of them are around rose/oud, but if we search enough, Im sure someone may report back

saying "This smells almost identical to polo green !".

I mean, of course there wont be clones, but this thread would at least be helpful to those who dont have funds or

access to vintage's.