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I really like it. I ended up picking several other bottles in the same genre of scent before I got to this one.

I chose Dior Homme Sport when trying to decide between the two. Dior Homme Sport has a great, unique smell....with the 2012 version the iris is carried over from the original.

I picked up Clinique Happy before this as well. It was cheap and this one brings back memories. Great after shower house scent. I can wear this for a few hours until I decided what I'm going to wear out for the evening.

I also grabbed Mugler Cologne because this is a great work fragrance and spray of "instant fresh" when I am going to be around many people during the day. It is not offensive and actually works well with sweat

I again passed this one up and chose Bleu De Chanel when it first came out, this stuff smells good. Incense-clean.

I have to say...I am impressed with the smell and longevity. This one is a winner (I know I am late to the this came out in 1994)†