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I was talking with L'Homme Blanc Individuel, the guy who did the Aventus ‘batch’ experiment about scents and the weather. His conversation, along with my personal experience with the two of the Creeds I’ve been wearing in the last month, has come up with worthy of mentioning.

Often times you’ll hear people complain about certain batch numbers from Creed’s fragrances. Someone will say, ‘the longevity and projection on my batch sucks’, ‘mine is too smokey and too strong’ etc…nobody ever asks, ‘what kind of weather did you wear it in?’

I’ve been testing MI which I purchased in July and Aventus, which was purchased in January. The MI smells wonderful; I get that melon, not too much salt, very fresh and beautiful scent. The Aventus is my go to night time fragrance, it works well with my skin and I get unsolicited compliments nearly each time I wear it. On average the longevity on both is excellent and the projection is surprisingly good on the MI…I must have the correct batch ;)

Long vs. Poor Lasting & Projecting Millesime Imperial

After about a week of wearing MI straight, during the day, and Aventus on weekends, during the night, I noticed inconsistent feedback from people. One day I was meeting a friend for coffee during in the morning; I only put deodorant on and went straight to the coffee shop (no morning shower). She complimented me right away on my fragrance. I wasn’t wearing a fragrance. I applied MI 17 hours earlier…and it was still projecting???

I took a shower as soon as I got home, I applied MI and met up with another friend around 2-3 hours upon application. I asked him if he could notice a scent, he said he didn’t smell anything. How can a batch last 17+ hours one day…and last 3-4 hours the next day? Nothing has changed! Well…nothing except for the weather.

Cloying Creeds

At this point, I was still oblivious to what had happened, until that one day…the day MI became cloying as hell! It was a very hot and humid day (or at least I think it was). It was a Wednesday, I sprayed MI – two to the neck and one on the wrist. For the next 6 hours, I couldn’t stop smelling it. I was so tempted to wash it off of my skin, but I was so amazed by the strength that I let it slide. I went to a beach with some friends, and a fellow scenthead friend told me I smelled like shit; the same scent, from the same bottle that he complimented two days later.

I won’t go into details about Aventus, but projection king was extremely close to the skin and non-existent up until yesterday. Yesterday was much cooler than it has been in the past few weeks. I’ve been wearing Aventus for 13 hours and I can still smell it. It’s still projecting.

Batch Theories Bullshit

From my little experiment, I would’ve guessed that I had gone through several batches of each fragrance. I would’ve sworn that I had an old bottle of MI at one point. The salty note was too prominent. I experienced both the weak and the strong smokey batch of Aventus. The only thing that has changed in the equation, was the weather.

For my skin, each scent smells the best in 59 degree weather (15 Celsius). It’s worth mentioning that I live in a humid place all year round. Summertime we get about 60-80% and the winter months are around 80-100% humidity.

From what I’ve read heat emphasizes the scent while humidity retains it. In theory a hot and humid day should provide the strongest projection and decent longevity of a fragrance. For me this wasn’t the case. I experienced very weak projection and very random longevity.

On a hot and humid day, the air feels thick and you can smell the sweat in the air. I think this scent masks the fragrances quite a bit, the Creeds anyways.

Why You’re Not Getting Compliments

A hot and humid day will put everyone in an irritated mood. L'Homme Blanc Individuel mentioned that when people are less likely to compliment if they’re uncomfortable. To this day, I have received 0 compliments on Aventus in the last 2-3 months that I’ve been wearing it.

Don’t believe the batch theories and choose your fragrances by your climate.

Cliff notes

My MI & Aventus smelled differently and had inconsistent longevity and projection regardless of being from the same bottle. I felt like I had several batches of each fragrance. Weather was the culprit. The batch theories are bullshit.