Francis Kurkdjian Speaks

    Francis Kurkdjian Speaks

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    "...Probably at the age of 14. I’ve never been drawn to perfume. I’ve never been interested in collecting. I never collected perfume samples. I like the story. Perfume is a name, a bottle, not just a scent. The whole thing. Shalimar is Shalimar. The Mona Lisa is The Mona Lisa. You can’t detach the story from the perfume. I got into perfume because I wanted to be a fashion designer, a couturier. But I had no skill for drawing. I saw perfume as a way to be close to where things were happening, to be close to the designer. It was a shock to learn that Yves Saint Laurent did not work on his perfumes...."

    "...I stopped wearing perfume at perfume school. As a kid I used to wear Obsession, Pour Monsieur, Eau Sauvage, Vetiver, but you need to smell at perfume school. Since then I only wear trials. I don’t have any pleasure in wearing perfume. If I was not in the business I might wear… maybe Donna Karan Unleaded. It’s a bit like Egoiste, which I loved..."

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    Thanks for posting!

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    Originally Posted by lppView Post

    Thanks for posting!

    Thanks lpp,

    Wonder if you're the only person who read it. It actually says some interesting things, so probably. :-)

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    Haha, Pluran - thanks - we'll just bump it until people take notice ;)

    It was a nice, diverting read, thank you.

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    Good read, thanks Pluran. I like quite a few of his works, in particular APOM, the Oud Mood series and AplS. Doesn't bother me in the slightest if he wants to be a bit grumpy, I buy the scent not the nose.

    I don't think JPG is on his Christmas card list though... Lol
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    Thanks for the link Pluran. Interesting indeed. Need to really look seriously in the near future of adding his scents to my collection. I have many and have liked all of them.
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    Captain Francis Kurkdjian is one of my fave perfumers now because he is outspoken and honest.

    Thanks for the link. He is a very interesting person, our Capt Kurk.

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    Thx 4 posting Pluran, very gd read indeed. MFK is one of my favorite noses & I've enjoyed almost all his creations....

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    That was great. I'm a big fan of his work
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    Thanks for posting that. I love him because there's no bullsh*t about him. He's candid and seems impatient with the things that his interviewers seem to want to project onto him. I guess that could make him seem grumpy, but I think it makes him refreshingly frank.
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    This is what Tara, the blog owner of Olfactorias Travels has to say about him:

    "I was all ready to give FK the benefit of the doubt until Lila pointed me out as a blogger and he subsequently blanked me . I spoke to him after and he positively scowled at me, turned and walked in the other direction! I thought I might have imagined it until we were formally introduced and had our pic taken – he looks totally glum in the photo with me, compared to the one with you where he’s grinning from ear to ear.

    No doubt he’s been burnt by bloggers in the past but it’s no excuse for rudeness to people you don’t know a thing about. He saves his smiles for people like your good self who he knows for a fact like his stuff. It’s pretty immature but there you go."

    The guy is a jerk. A talented jerk, but still. I wonder how many bridges he has burned in the perfumer's community, and what his standing there really is.

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    I attended the evening and had a perfectly nice chat with the guy.
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    Originally Posted by gandhajalaView Post

    I attended the evening and had a perfectly nice chat with the guy.


    He says some wacky stuff ("L'Heure Bleue smells like burnt latex", etc) but he's a genius the perfume world is lucky to have.

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    If Francis Kurkdjian seems rude ,grumpy and abrupt - maybe it's because he has read some not too flattering things about himself on the perfume blogosphere. Some not very constructive either - who can blame him . He's a public figure in a way ,granted he will get disagreements ,targeted with criticism but he is human after all.

    I still admire him very much and I think his breakaway from the traditions of perfumery are quite brilliant.

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    He sounds like a pouty baby who got his dream crushed by the reality of the industry. It sounds like perfumery was never his first choice, so I get the impression he's disappointed with his status quo.

    Truth be told, he seems bitter because the only audience that cares to talk about his creations is critical of him. I don't mean to put him down but the truth is that he runs a small niche perfume house and most consumers don't really know about it.

    I like his stuff, especially Lumiere Noire and Amyris Pour Homme. He's got talent for sure.
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    From what I have read, Francis Kurkdjian has Google Alert, so when people write about him ,he knows it.

    I like that he thinks outside of 'the box' and commend him for following the road less traveled.

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    Nice. I appreciate his honesty greatly.

    My advice to him would be to ignore perfumista/blogger snark completely. It's simply the zeros and minus signs as the hive mind calculates how greatly to love his work.

    Amyris Pour Homme is currently tempting me. I'll probably not get out of the store without it, next time...... happy.gif
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