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Hi basenotes members,

the fragrances with prominent Iso E super content, makes me sneeze non stop, gives me nose runs and headaches. I refer to Terre d'Hermes, Cartier Declaration, Chanel PE, Amouage Jubilation, and some others I can't think of right now, as i sold off those bottles. I love fragrances, and want to enjoy them. I have a large collection, but am trying to narrow down, got a lot of mass junk, and try to buy only the better quality juices now.

Currently working well with my nose are, Creed GIT, Creed Aventus, Guerlain Habit Rouge, Guerlain Homme, Acqua di Parma Colonia and a few others.

My request is if you could make some suggestions for fragrances that are away from the use of Iso E Super. Looking for a daily fragrance, i often use the Creeds and Guerlains together with the shave soap and aftershave.

Among my favorite notes are Jasmin, Rose, Lavender, Mint, Incense and Vetiver.

However, in my many trials I end up with bad samples. Tried a lot from Montale (for the Rose), got many Amouages, etc, but the choice with a fragrance and other body range products seems to be rather limited, and i don't know which fragrance focussed on the mass market still sticks to the philosophy of providing quality juice.

I try to stay with the more exclusive brands, but all suggestions are welcome.