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A couple of months back, i decided I wanted a new scent (I had been wearing YSl for 5+ yrs). I felt I needed something new and Ithoughtit wasnt projecting well on/from me.

So i went on a quest to find my next scent and after many a sample tested, went with Chanel Allure. It is no doubt an amazing scent.

That said, I decided to test both longevity and projection with YSL on myself and was shocked to find out it exceeded my expectations in both areas.

More importantly however, everyone around me began asking me where my "amazing smell" had gone to!

I just adore that peppery/spicy flavor+fresh citrusy profile that I cant seem to find anywhere else. To me is it is the perfect all-around scent. I'd love to move on to something new but I guess as of yet, I have not found the ONE to dethrone it...

Do you find its important to change your scent every couple of years or so?