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Hi all,

Niche perfumery seems to be difficult for the general public to appreciate by definition.  
I tried to make a list of top ten most easy to wear niche frags.

Below is what I came up with.   Please share which fragrances you own strike that balance of being complex, original, difficult, yet easy to wear for any occasion.


In no particular order:

1)   Frederic Malle – Vetiver Extraordinaire.   Vetiver Extraordinaire is the most gentle and romantic of vetivers.   I find this to be the most easily worn fragrance in my wardrobe.   There is vetiver, there are spices, and there are some floral notes.   It is green and fresh like an urban park after a shower.  It is just a bit sweet, and incredibly smooth.   For me, this is the first breath of spring, which reminds you of all the good things to come.

2)   Frederic Malle – Bois D’Orage/French Lover –  .  French Lover  is not original.  It will remind you of numerous other masculine vetivers, but it is perfectly polished and impeccably constructed.   The complex construction insures that it will never get boring,  while the tried and true mix of woods, citrus, vetiver,  spices, and florals will make sure that it stays pleasant throughout its development.

3)   Chanel – Sycomore –  Sycomore is glamorous and impossible to dislike.  It is a sweet fresh vetiver, combined with smoky, sweet sandalwood.   The sweetness is just perfect, and the smooth smoky notes never fail to make you swoon.

4)   Serge Lutens – Daim Blonde.   In summer time, Daim Blonde is a silk scarf.  During the colder months, it is a soft suede jacket.

5)   Le Labo – Oud 27 – This is the most fun fragrance I own.   Top notes are dry, and dusty.   Underneath the dust there are berries are flowers.   The first impression is abrasive, but only for a moment.  The berry and floral accords pull you in and put a smile on your face.   It is like that person whom you didn’t like at first, but very quickly grew fond of.

6)   Amouage – Epic Man – This is the most epically masculine scent Amouage has to offer.  It is dry, tarry, aloof, strange, and powerful.   It is paradoxical in that it is impossible for me to imagine where I would ever wear it, while at the same time it begs to be worn everywhere.

7)   Tom Ford – Amber Absolute –  A faultless incense and amber.  It is powerful, beautiful, dark, sexual, yet warm and reassuring.   It is as comfortable as your favourite sweater, but unlike your favourite sweater, Amber Absolute can be worn in the most formal setting.   Amber Absolute is Tom Ford at his finest.

8)   Chanel – Bois des Iles – Bois des Iles is sandalwood staple.  Created in 1926, it has withstood the test of time.   It stays close to the skin, and is remarkably pleasant.  This is a fragrance you wear for yourself and your loved ones.

9)   Chanel  – Coromandel – A boozy patchouli rendered polite.   This is the fragrance equivalent of being slightly drunk and on your best behavior… and getting away with it.

10) Montale – Aoud Roses Petals –  Montale’s most under rated rose.  Unlike many of Montale’s other creations, Aoud Roses Petals is fresh, clear, and easy to wear.   The rose is note is unmistakable.  Dry woods balance out the rose, making it more of a feminine leaning unisex.  Suitable for both genders, and perfect for colder weather.