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I'm young and dumb and I am by no means a perfume connoisseur.. but I want to be! So bare with me and maybe you can guide me in the right direction (:

I have this old memory of a perfume my mom had many years ago. I haven't even thought of this perfume in a decade, but recently it all came back to me when I was smelling a perfume sample in a magazine. The scent in the magazine was See by Chloe, however I don't think it matters because I highly doubt the juice smells anything like that dry stuff under those flaps. I'm trying to find a fragrance similar to the one in my memory but none of the perfumes I've tried at any of the department stores around here even come close... so I don't think its something popular or mainstream!

The only way I can describe it as is powdery, soapy, sweet, floral... but I'm not sure If I know what powdery or soapy REALLY smell like, it's just how I describe it. I almost imagine the scent as dry and fluffy and dense. I don't think it has any fruit notes because the sweetness seemed to come only from the flowers. Does anybody have some ideas of fragrances I should check out that fit that description? Or something else that you think I'm trying to describe? Thank you!