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Man, I love the fig scent.  And my SO loves it on me.

The thrill of the hunt fulfilled - I have bagged my scent.  It is mine.  


It started with Diptyque Philosykos EdP.  The kind folks at Diptyque sent me some samples after I emailed an inquiry.  At first I wasn't into it, but that's because I was coming off years of Aqua di Gio and my understanding of scent was limited.  

Then I re-visited it and liked it.

Wow, that's fig.  Figgy fig fig.  Earthy and fruity at the same time.  And lasting.


Thanks to the Bsenotes community, I was able to explore a few others.


AdP Fico di Amalfi - Hello fig.  Could be even more fig fruit than Philosykos.  But i nthe end it didn't last as long as Philo.


Hermes Jardin de Mediteranee - Fig and lemon.  Very subtle fig.  A pleasant scent but....the fig just disappeared.


Marc Jacobs Fig - Just didn't work for me


Jo Malone Wild Fig & Cassis - Love this one also.  A bit crisper and greener than the Philo.  And not as long lasting (although it seemed to have more longevity than the JMs I've tried)