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As a lover of sandalwood, I've always been intrigued by the Mysore sandalwood note and I have been very lucky to have grown up on the 1970's and 80's so that I smelled and wore sandalwood scents that actually had Mysore sandalwood in them and experienced that note in all of it's milky, creamy glory before it became scarce and replaced by inferior versions or synthetic versions.

One of the versions that has been spoken about many times here on BN is from, also known as AbdesSalaam Attar, also known as La Via del Profumo.

I finally went onto the Surrender to Chance website and purchased a sample of it. The one I ordered, is at the STC site here:

Of course, I was confused because if you go onto the website there are several listings for Mysore sandalwood.

Here is one, under the heading 'Special Scents' which I am pretty sure is the one I received a sample of:

Here is another one, under the title 'Perfumetherapy':

And here's two others, in the section called 'Shaikah's perfumes' that are oils (one is aged 7 years, the other aged 19 years):

So...getting back to my actual sample (which is NOT an oil, but a fragrance...i believe it is oil diluted in perfumers alcohol) it smells EXACTLY like the Mysore sandalwood oil I remember from my childhood and also just like the tiny sample a BN gave me from the Montale'sSantal de Mysore - slightly milky, creamy wood with a fresh deep resinous smell to it. It's simultaneously clean yet rich, midway between masculine and feminine, with a beautiful lingering effect of polished creaminess.

I thought it would be nice to have a thread dedicated to this line's Mysore scents (perfumes and/or oils) and to hear from other Basenoters who own or have smelled these.

My sample, which I heavily doused myself with last night, is dwindling fast. I can see a full bottle in my future, easily. Yes - it's simple sandalwood. And although this might seem sort of boring to some, I find its linear simplicity very refreshing and deeply pleasing.

However, I would love to hear from others who've smelled the other scents/oils.