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from buying and swapping anyway. For one thing, I'm kind of tired of the hassle of shipping. I shipped 5 packages yesterday that I sold on ebay. Buying the boxes, tape, shipping costs, standing in line...I dunno...I'm kind of sick of it.

I have 28 bottles right now. My collection covers every occasion and season. I feel like I'm good for now.

Another thing ismy personal desire to just cut off the faucet of my money going toward the accumulation of more and more. I've tried this before--several times--but it does feel a little different this time.

I told my wife and kids that I'm going to make a real attempt to be satisfied with my cologne, and my wardrobe for that matter, until Christmas. I'll see how I feel then.

I find I have become way too materialistic and shopping/acquisition has become my true hobby, more than the enjoyment of the things I have. I think I will try and focus on experiences and activities for a while, rather than accumulation/exchanging goods.

BTW, this in no way is meant to condemn anyone other than myself. Everyone's own situation is unique to them. I'm not preaching at anyone but me.

Plus, I probably need to learn a little financial discipline to prepare me for my son's entrance to college next year. I hear that's expensive, LOL!

We'll see how this goes. Wish me luck.