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 As juices get more watered down I now look towards extraits or parfum versions for relief.


 Last week I went the Guerlain route Mitsouko,Jicky, Vol De Nuit.  Jicky was a clear winner for me as far as smell goes but had the worst longevity out of the three. Even then it seemed like these extraits were rather synthetic and not worth the $328 price tag they were asking.


 The Amouage Extraits are of huge interest to me. Especially the J25 female version. However samples are $14.99 for .05ml at the perfumed court and I don't know anyone else that offers samples.


 Can anyone give me more ideas to try besides Guerlain ?


 Was going to try the Cuir De Russie Parfum but read from "cacio" that it is dubious as well.


 What's good in extrait form and worth the money ? It seems like parfum versions are the next rip off campaign. What do you think ? It seems like some are no better than a decent quality EDT.