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I'll start

* Musc Ravageur is overrated: weak projection; only good in the opening

* Chergui is not full-bottle worthy

* 1 Million is an amazing fragrance

* Nothing from Dolce and Gabanna is good. The One is "ehh" at best.

* YSL L'Homme is better than YSL La Nuit

* Mugler Cologne is by no means a safe fragrance

* The Chanel Allure series is passable at best

* Cool Water is superior to the majority of fragrances

* Voyage from Hermes is nothing special

* Silver Mountain Water is better than Aventus

* Acqua Di Gio is deserves all the hype it gets
* Bond no 9 is not a bad house

* Old school powerhouses stink (to me)

* All of Tom Ford's designer frags are mediocre

* Versace Man Eau Fraiche is underrated on here

* I liked Dior Homme (pre-2011) better than Dior Homme Intense (pre-2011)

* Fragrances do have genders to them, sorry.

* Desert Marocain is the only woody-oriental powerhouse I would even let touch my skin

* There are more good frags $75+ than $75 and under, sorry.

* Guerlain is the most overrated line ever

* Kouros has a great opening but a horrid drydown

* Antaeus rests somewhere between mediocre and bad

* If a fragrance has a stupid name, I won't buy it. Even if it's good

* More than 3 sprays is usually too much

* You can wear "winter scents" in the heat of summer. Just spray less.

* Smelling fragrances on paper is 80% accurate, IMO

* Al Rehab is a very bad immitation of Silver Mountain Water

* Cool Water is both nearly identical and nothing like Green Irish Tweed (Schroedingers Cat)

* Creed batch variations aren't a big deal, and are barely noticeable.

* Encre Noire is brilliant, but gives me a headache

* Thierry Mugler is a one-trick pony

* I don't take Luca Turin too seriously.

* New Haarlem is INFINITELY better than Rochas Man

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