Confess Your Unpopular Fragrance Opinions

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    8/22/13 at 6:37pm

    noirdrakkar said:

    I'll start


    * Musc Ravageur is overrated: weak projection; only good in the opening

    * Chergui is not full-bottle worthy

    * 1 Million is an amazing fragrance

    * Nothing from Dolce and Gabanna is good.  The One is "ehh" at best.

    * YSL L'Homme is better than YSL La Nuit 

    * Mugler Cologne is by no means a safe fragrance

    * The Chanel Allure series is passable at best

    * Cool Water is superior to the majority of fragrances

    * Voyage from Hermes is nothing special

    * Silver Mountain Water is better than Aventus

    * Acqua Di Gio is deserves all the hype it gets
    * Bond no 9 is not a bad house

    * Old school powerhouses stink (to me)

    * All of Tom Ford's designer frags are mediocre

    * Versace Man Eau Fraiche is underrated on here

    * I liked Dior Homme (pre-2011) better than Dior Homme Intense (pre-2011)

    * Fragrances do have genders to them, sorry.

    * Desert Marocain is the only woody-oriental powerhouse I would even let touch my skin

    * There are more good frags $75+ than $75 and under, sorry.

    * Guerlain is the most overrated line ever

    * Kouros has a great opening but a horrid drydown

    * Antaeus rests somewhere between mediocre and bad

    * If a fragrance has a stupid name, I won't buy it.  Even if it's good

    * More than 3 sprays is usually too much

    * You can wear "winter scents" in the heat of summer.  Just spray less.

    * Smelling fragrances on paper is 80% accurate, IMO

    * Al Rehab is a very bad immitation of Silver Mountain Water

    * Cool Water is both nearly identical and nothing like Green Irish Tweed (Schroedingers Cat)

    * Creed batch variations aren't a big deal, and are barely noticeable.

    * Encre Noire is brilliant, but gives me a headache

    * Thierry Mugler is a one-trick pony

    * I don't take Luca Turin too seriously.

    * New Haarlem is INFINITELY better than Rochas Man

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    8/22/13 at 6:45pm

    BlackForest said:

    Agree with a lot .
    Tonka imperial is the best Guerlain

    8/22/13 at 6:45pm

    BlackForest said:

    Agree with a lot .
    Tonka imperial is the best Guerlain

    8/22/13 at 7:07pm

    hednic said:

    Too too many to list but among the top on the list:

    Aramis works better as killing bathroom odors.
    All Bonds are disappointing.
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    8/22/13 at 7:10pm

    Tony T said:

    212- I love it and the flankers..

    I must confess

    8/22/13 at 7:22pm

    FSU92grad said:

    Grey flannel smells like a woody turd

    One million and Le Male are for teeny boppers with lots of acne trying to get laid

    AdG is soooooooo generic and boring but you'll smell like everybody else

    Tribute, to me, smells like tobacco mixed with spit and honey....

    MFK is a quality house and worth the money

    Lush Gorilla fragrances are highly underrated and very rarely discussed

    People on BN seem to be more interested in smelling themselves rather than other people enjoying the scents they wear...

    MIP is not "girlie" but Chanel's Bois Des Iles is...

    Murdocks Black Tea is every bit as good as Jack says it is...


    8/22/13 at 7:24pm

    L'Homme Blanc Individuel said:

    I own Happy for men and Curve, and I wear them both (but not at the same time of course). I think very highly of them even though I know they aren't popular here.

    I don't have any negatives to confess that I can think of. There are many scents that I don't like, but I realize that just because I don't like them doesn't mean they're bad. It just means I don't happen to enjoy them. I wish more people understood that difference.

    8/22/13 at 7:34pm

    noirdrakkar said:

    Originally Posted by FSU92grad View Post

    One million and Le Male are for teeny boppers with lots of acne trying to get laid



    8/22/13 at 7:36pm

    L'Homme Blanc Individuel said:

    Originally Posted by noirdrakkar View Post



    8/22/13 at 7:42pm

    MrSniffer said:

    1. Sometimes I put on "Tiger Balm" and tell people it's a niche cologne


    2. Sometimes a Jay-Z Cologne is a better fit than a Chanel Cologne


    3. I don't always get perfume as "art"


    4. Sometimes I want to smell like pine needles and cat piss for less than $125 an ounce


    5. If you still smell cologne on your skin 24 hours later you have poor hygiene (please take a shower)


    6. As much as I like the way Le Male smells I can't buy limbless torso bottles (or disembodied heads, I'm looking at you Kokorico).


    7. After I bought my Amouage (Reflection Man) I felt so guilty I worked at a soup kitchen for 8 hours


    8. I have layered colognes (as many as five at a time, rarely, but when I want to be alone)


    9. Sometimes "shitty cheap colognes" smell better than super expensive colognes.


    10.  I really like round numbers

    8/22/13 at 7:43pm

    dougczar said:

    Amouage Homage is not very good - soapy rose slightly better than the overrated C&S 88.
    D&G The One Sport is really not that bad.
    Jicky & Shalimar are not suitable for men - or women.
    Kenneth Cole Black Rocks!
    D&G The One has pretty good longevity
    Dior Leather Oud smells like ass. No really. Ass. If I were to wear it in public, I would geta shirt made "No I didn't crap my pants - I'm wearing Leather Oud!"

    Also agree with many other posts!

    8/22/13 at 7:49pm

    BRM85282 said:

    Agree with many of the above postings!

    8/22/13 at 8:05pm

    pavel said:

    Wearing a specific fragrance will not get you laid.