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First impressions of Slumberhouse. In order from first sniff.


A tiny dab to my inner ankle. Incense shot to the face. It smells familiar but I can't place it. Within about 5 seconds it transformed from an incense stick (burning) to just straight burnt wood. Like a log cabin burnt down. Not in a "notes of" type way. Just burnt charred wood. Very dark. Not like a campfire. Not smokey really but just charred. After a few minutes I am picking up a slight pine note hiding in there beneath the char. Almost as if this was a house (un painted) in the woods that burnt down and singed a couple pine trees.

In Short: If you are looking for a burnt charred wood, this is for you!


Jeke:Tiny dab to my inner ankle. Initial blast is cinnamon. About 5 seconds later it'smixed with a dirty wet hay type of smell. A little rank. I get no tobacco. Few minutes later smelling some hot or burning cedar coming through. Not charred though. I wouldn't really say "smoke" but maybe a thin line of smoke from where a hot amber is on the corner of the wood. Still a slight sweetness to it. The wet hay is what transformed into the hot cedar type smell. I still get no tobacco. It is sort of nice. But I could only see wearing this if I was at a nice cabin with a persian style rug, nice wood furnishings (hand carved) lit by a few oil lamps and a small fire with a modest flame casting dancing shadows off the walls and wool coat on the rack by the door with a felt fedora on top as my hot tea with ginger steams up whilewriting a novel or something.

In Short: If the picture I painted interests you, so might this fragrance.





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