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Been a while since I saw this fragrance discussed on our boards,


Truth be told I had never personally used it,

except for sampling it once and since I'm a sucker for pine, tobacco, leather based scents (Vintage polo, 

aramis, etc), I really wanted it.


So finally decided to purchase london, but before I could do it, heard some discussion about a 

version with oakmoss being the best and the newer one not containing any oakmoss.

So my hunt started and surprisingly every mall I went to, they all had no oakmoss printed on the back at

the ingredient label, finally went to my regular seller, he had one in stock, with "Evernia Prunastri (Oakmoss)"

printed on the back for 40$ .Now I need the advice of all you guys who have used this fragrance, which one should I get 

and can anyone let me know if they have done a side by side comparison of the pre-formulation and the




Note : Im currently obsessed with frags that used oakmoss as a fixative, hence the need for every version with it.