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Small "dot" to the inner arm. Vial samples.

Tribute Attar:

Small dot to the inner wrist this scent was very very high in my must try bank. I immediately could smell it and it was rose. I purposely waited a good 10 minutes for my nose to go near it. This is what I picture a black rose would smell like. Still a rose, but dark rose. I didn't pick up much else but simply a dark deep rose. I was not too fond of it as it was still too feminine for me. If I was in a tuxedo, on a casual, friendly "date" (seeing as how she is out of my age range) with Meryl Streep orNicole Kidman in a dim restaurant that is $400 a plate, white glove service, I could pull this off. But If pretty much any other circumstanceit would be too feminine for me.

In Short: Lovely Bold Dark Deep BLACK ROSE!


Jubilation XXV:

Small dot to inner arm. My first thought was "this smells similar to what I remember One Million smelling like when I sampled it in a fragrance store. Smells kind of sweet, with a sharpness to it. Sharpness is the incense? hmmm...don't know. I like it. May be full bottle worthy.

In Short: Sweet (not edible), Sharpness there.

Revisit: So I decided to wear this tonight. Applied to my neck with a few swipes of the dipstick. An hour or so later I have decided it is NOT full bottle worthy to me. The sharpness stays and the sweetness is becoming too cloying even though it's getting nice and cool out. After 2 hours nothing has changed and I don't want to smell it anymore. Something about it doesn't sit well with me. I will have to revisit at a later date. Good quality nonetheless.

***** 2nd: After another revisit of this I am liking it more. I would need to go light on the trigger and not spray on my neck where it would be in my face all day. But starting to like this. A cold fall day this would be good for. Like 55* F and dry leaves ruffling on the ground.

Further Along: I am beginning to worry that my sample is low. I find myself craving this stuff now. It is very very good. Such a nice blend. Powerful yet humble and satisfying. Bold, smooth, light fumes of boozy fruit or something hovering over the incensey type smell. Just so well done. If the scent was a color it would be gold. Pretty sure I have to buy it. ------09/12/2013 Bottle Purchased------

Memoir Man:

Small dot to the inner arm. Wow, smells like grass. wait a's getting dark? Within the secondslike if it was very dark grass a bit mysterious. I see dense fog smoldering within the dark green grass and there is moss growing around. After about 20 minutes this stuff REALLY starts to shine. There is a natural sweetness that rolls in androunds it all out. It reminds me of the sweet smell of dew at 4am mixed with the dark green grass that was mysteriously smoldering with dense fog through the damp ground that moss lived among in certain areas at the base of the forest trees. It gets nice and sweet and rounded. Full Bottle worthy! I really like this one. A few more swipes to the inner arm and I am loving this stuff. It stays right there an hour later. The scent has been painted. It knows when to put down the brush.

In Short: Damp Dark Green Grass with the Sweet Smell Of Dew

Revisit: Ok so I have been revisiting these here and there and the ONE I keep going back to is Memoir Man. I still get the same picture painting that I did the first time I smelled it. This scent is absolutely MAN! One thing I have noticed is, If I wasn't trying to pick this scent apart or really study it ie:(to a bystander) it would simply smell like a good manly scent. I could see Jack or Desmond from LOST wearing this. To get an idea of what I mean just google images of Jack orDesmond from LOST (tv show). Wow, after that comparison I am definitely buying a bottle of this stuff. If I was a woman, my man would be a Memoir Man! ------08/31/13 Bottle Purchased------

Epic Man: Swipe to the inner wrist. Too strong to smell up close as it would burn out my senses I feel. A comparison to Jubilation XXV would be proper. But I like this one more. Kind of sharp and sweet with a bit more "classic" going on in the background. It reminds me of classic "dad" with a HUGE modern twist on it. I keep thinking I am smelling Angel Men (A*Men) by Thierry Mugler. I tried A*Men once and could be fooled if a blind sniff told me this was the same thing. It is also taking me to a mixture of dad's deodorant, spice cologne, and aftershave all at once. I like it but it's a little too potent for me. It's quite loud and if softened up or "thinned out" a bit would be great. If you are smelling it, it's the same as smelling it nose to skin. I will not be running out to get this. It is not bad at all either. Just isn't striking any chords with me. Pretty straight forward.

In Short: A 2000's Modern version of a "spice" scent. Sweet, Sharp, Ash.

Revisit: I was in the mood for this last night and it was very good. I am liking the middle eastern vibe I get from it. Or indian get it. It's possibly going to cause me to buy a 2nd Amouage...we will see. It's growing on me, at least for now. 08/31

****2nd: Ok, Every time I put a dab on my wrist, I can't stop checking it out with my nose. This stuff is very good. Not as "artistic" or "interesting" as Memoir Man, but DEFINATELY full bottle worthy. I am loving the incense beauty here. This is such a nice blend. It's just simply done very well. I better grip my wallet tight.

Lyric Man: Small swipe to the inner wrist. This one was pure red rose. A little cloying to me. Like "Rose Concentrate". Way too feminine for my liking. Didn't strike much imagination. Rose. Concentrated rose! Very strong and not much needed!

In Short: Like Red Rose? Try Lyric Man!

Interlude Man: Couple small swipes and I got an immediate cough syrup smell or something. Thankfully, that went away within about 10 seconds. smells, smokey? I see a cowboy wearing hyde leather. Like old west uncured leather that is still rough and pilled (not the smooth leather). Not sure WHAT I am smelling. It's definitely different. Wait....I am smelling something familiar. There is the smell of Kyoto in it. Another sample I had before. Ashy. Incense ashes from the burning incense stick. I could see others describing it as an ash tray. It is unique to me. I don't dislike it. But not sure if I really dig it either. It is not sweet. Very .... dry? not sure.

In Short: Incense Ashes.

Revisit: Ok so my mind is playing tricks on me. Waited for it to dry as I walked from one end of the house to the other holding my breath (just to see what someone else would smell). I let the scent just come to my nose without sniffing my arm. I smelled smoky cocoa like from a cigar. Then, sniffing it up close I got greens. Like an herb. Oregano? lol. So anyway this smells like burning leaves on a warm, wet, Autumn night. It has rained and the street is wet, everything is damp, and there is a small pile of smoldering leaves that were thrown on the remaining hotembersof the smallfire that died out. After about a half hour I'm picking up a slight natural sweetness to it. Like the sweetness caused by the rain on the pavement and the wet wood. Very natural. Very good quality. No "perfumey" stuff here. When I think back to incense ashes, I can still relate to that. I really hope this stops because Amouage is not exactly "cheap" but their offerings have me FLOORED!

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