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It's that time again, where I request the help of the experienced noses here to recommend something in the vein of the above mentioned fragrances.

Just some background on these two from my perspective.

Timbuktu: If there was ever a signature out of office scent for me, this is it. Dry, arid woods and vetiver (not that unlike VE's vetiver note) with an incense weaving in and out to keep my attention. I just love this scent. It's funny, I can underspray this or overspray it, and it's always "just right". Nuclear longevity on my skin, as well.

Yatagan: I was somewhat of a latecomer to Yatagan. My first love from Caron was the Third Man. I did not believe that many scents would be able to top it. I had toyed with L'Anarchiste and was not impressed. Next, I bought PUH. While I still love its lavender, I quickly grew tired of its vanilla. (We'll also ignore the little yuzu brother, for now.)

I regrettably held off Yatagan, thinking there was no point. Finally I had received a sample. For me, Yatagan just keeps my attention much more than the Third Man. I get the same vibe as I do in Timbuktu, but here, it's a dry, sun-baked forest. Arid, masculine. Love it. This could be my work scent, with Timbuktu remaining my everything-else scent.

I have a sample of Diptyque's L'eau Trois in the queue and I eventually intend on sampling Sycomore, but what else would you recommend?
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