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After reading up about oakmoss/civet/Castoreum/hyrax/cepes in a lot of posts around bsenotes, I have recently

developed a habit, I flip almost all perfume boxes that I find, especially in old, worn down stores, and check the

ingredient list, by his way I hve acquired quite a few preformulations which are alot better than the current ones

in the market.

Was in a retail store, where I went to spray one of my favourites, Azzaro pour homme, and by force of habit, started

going through the boxes, where interestingly I saw three different types of ingredient list, surprisingly the tester over

the counter had Oakmoss listed and I must say, a single spray from it to my forearm, lasted 12 hours easy.

The firsttype of box I saw was a 100ml, im supposing latest formulation because I saw no oakmoss listed in it.

The second type of box that I saw was also a 100ml, but it had treemoss listed in it.

The third box that I saw was a 50ml, completely different layout on the back and it had oakmoss listed in it, also

it had a whole other bunch of ingredients listed in it which were not there in the other two versions.

I have taken a photo of the version with oakmoss and the version without oakmoss or treemoss, both 50ml.

I do know the version with oakmoss is the verson to go for, but does it warrant the price of 50$/50ml, especially since

the newer formulation is available readily for about 25$/100ml ?

And if any one has experienced the versions Im talking about, please share their experiences, also comparing the versions

whose photo im attaching.