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Was pondering this on the drive in this morning, and now at lunch time, it comes up again as I'm sitting here in my little scent bubble. I know that EDP concentrations tend to hang closer than EDTs for a lot of frags.

I went a little strong with Terre d'Hermes EDP this morning, about 6-7 sprays, I just felt like it since it's gray and rainy today and I wanted to have something to perk me up.

I was a little concerned right afterward that maybe I'd overdone it. However, it seems to be well-behaved for the first half of the day and I don't feel like it's choking anyone out.

I've never owned the Terre d'Hermes EDT, so I don't have a reliable basis for comparison, but I think I understand that it projects a bit more than the EDP. I only have a handful of EDPs, and in none of those cases do I also own the EDT to compare them with.

My questions are:

  • Whether the Terre d'Hermes EDP specifically can be oversprayed some without getting too obnoxious?
  • Does the EDT behave the same way?
  • Is this EDP vs EDT projection difference fairly consistent with other frags?