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Hi guys,

The poll is for your overall favourite.

I am trying to debate between my two favourite designer scents of the decade. Which do you prefer for each of the following occasions and which do you prefer overall?

Keeping in mind that I am 24, live in Canada with very hot summers and very cold winters. Studying finance and working in a corporate environment.

Casual, Formal, Work, Class, Day, Evening, Signature, Safest, Most pleasing to the ladies, ON A BOAT, Overall.

I realize bleu isn't always well liked on these boards, so when answers please keep in mind I am not particularly looking for something interesting or unique. More just an appropriate scent for each of the situations. I also realize that most here are not fans of having a signature scent, however this hobby is starting to get expensive, and Im trying to narrow it down. Thank you!

Thanks for the help guys, really appreciate it!