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So had a great time smelling a bunch of fragrances today. Since im racking up a nice collection I want to limit this purchase to just one.

Of all the ones I smelt today from diff housr ive limited my choices to the following:

1. Diptyque 34
2. Penhalligon Endymion
3. The Different Company De Bachmakov
4. L' artisan Parfemeur Ananas Fizz

Please rate the following fragrances in order you of which u like best and or recommend a diff one
take into account I live in the desert and its 45degC outside and im a very young 29

If your are gonna recommend scents, please no Oud, or heavy/ dark scent recommendations, as im not a fan of Oud and have quite a nice selection of CDGs that I cant ever wear here cause its too damn hot