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I had read some thoughts and opinions on the big "unpopular opinions" thread that BNers often overspray, and might actually have desensitized noses, and someone added this might be why BNers scoff at lighter aquatics.

I used to use aquatics when I initially got into this hobby, but after about a month I was unsatisfied with their poor longevity and projection(poor longevity being 2-4 hours, and poor projection to me is when a fragrance becomes a skin scent after 1-2 hours or disappears altogether), so it wasn't desensitization.

I know when I once oversprayed, and that was 3 sprays of Tobacco Vanille in summer heat. Bad idea, it got incredibly cloying and projection was at least 6 feet.

Here are how many sprays I use though with some popular fragrances.

A*Men-3 sprays

Dior Homme-3-4 sprays

Tobacco Vanille-2-3 sprays(3 sprays only being in winter).

I think where people live and the temperature needs to be taken into consideration as well. Where I live, it never really reaches 100F or gets very humid(at least not for long, maybe 7 days out of the year).